Fun at home activities

Staying at home doesn’t always have to be boring and bland. You can have so much fun indoors with the right company and a few fun at-home activities and pastimes that are both fun and educational! Don’t let the rain ruin your day. Stay with us to find out to some very Fun at home activities to enjoy at home. Let’s start!


Yes, we mean it. Juggling. Believe it or not, but juggling is a very popular at-home entertainment activity. It is fun, very exciting and a hit with the crowd.

5 ball jugglingJuggling is also a fantastic physically stimulating activity that will do your muscles and coordination good. You have to learn to be very agile, accurate and calculative to master juggling. However, everyone has to learn and fall before mastering. Start off by juggling with some slight, beginner-friendly objects like balls, and even fruits like apples and oranges! More importantly, refrain from using objects like eggs, golf balls and other potentially dangerous objects at first. Take turns. Have the next person try their hand at juggling too! It doesn’t require heaps of space nor do you have to buy expensive toys for it. Addictive as is! And with enough practice and time, you will be able to juggle like a pro. And who knows? You just may get a call to juggle at your neighbor’s birthday party any day soon!

Board games

Oh, where do we even start with this one? Board games are THE classic indoor activities. And the best part about it is that can be played with numerous participants and is very interactive and fun!

Some of the best and classic board games include chess, ludo, and the very notorious drama-maker, monopoly. They are really inexpensive, are compact and lightweight and can be played just about anywhere and anytime. However, board games aren’t limited to just the classics. Some new board games include Mint works (fits right in your pockets!), Quantum and the very popular Star War: Rebellion! The best part about board games is that more and more new and more fun versions come out every now and then. You are never out of options and there’s a board game for everyone!

Art and crafts

One of the best Fun at home activities involves getting your hands dirty with some school glue and glitters! Practicing arts and crafts at home is not only exciting and educational, but it also has this fantastic therapeutic effect. They don’t have adult coloring books for nothing!

But art isn’t just limited to painting, coloring and drawing. You can do so much! Starting with making cards, DIY recycled decorative, slime making and even repairs- if your imagination can take you there, you can do it! You only need a handful of cheap and basic art supplies and you are good to go. Make a handmade card for your grandma or build a pen holder using cardboard paper. The sky is your limit!


Speaking of getting your hands dirty, one of our personal favorite at home activity is gardening. And it is 10 times more fun and efficient when you have a couple of extra helping hands to do it with you!

Of course, you can start off by planting your favorite flowering plants and fruit-bearing plants around the back or front yard. However, for starters, we recommend container planting/gardening. Container planting is easy, fun and can do done indoors! You can plant heaps of useful plants that flourish wonderfully in containers and indoors. This includes basil, coriander, thyme, and mint. You can also container plant vegetables like onions and chili! Gardening, apart from being fun, instills a sense of responsibility and patience. It is a wonderful activity to practice and the fruits of your labor are worth every minute you spend doing it!


Harpist playingAh yes, good ol’ music. There isn’t much to say about music other than that it is perfect! Indulging in some good music indoors is a great way to pass some time. It is soothing, powerful and beautiful.

You can spend the days lounging around or dancing away to your favorite songs and instruments. And there is no restriction: you do you, boo! Listen to classical, listen to rap, or even indulge in some reggae- if it makes you happy, do it! But don’t just limit yourself to your playlist. Get your hands busy too. Try your hand at the guitar or the piano, if you have one. Speaking of which, you can make some excellent instruments out of everyday items. Guitar out of rubber bands and empty tissue box and drums out of hollow boxes! Great projects with the kids. And to spice up a day in with the friend of family, bring the karaoke out. Music will you unwind and relax so just have fun with it!